Saturday, October 10, 2015

Percy Jackson Re-read: Discussion Saturday!

Hey all! Today is Saturday, which means it's time for our very first Percy Jackson discussion!

Today's Topic: Reactions to Discovering our Half-Blood Selves

Finding out that the Greek gods are real isn't easy. Even harder is finding out that you're a demigod, meaning one of your parents is actually one of the Greek gods or a goddesses. Everyone reacts different to this life-shattering information. Take Percy, for example:

"Half-human and half-what?"
"I think you know."
I didn't want to admit it, but I was afraid I did. I felt a tingling in my limbs, a sensation I sometimes felt when my mom talked about my dad.
"God," I said. "Half-god."
Annabeth nodded. "You're father isn't dead, Percy. He's one of the Olympians."

To be fair, I think Percy took it surprisingly well. I know I wouldn't have taken it that well.

I'd like to say that I would have taken this revelation in a similar manner: cool disbelief. But the reality would probably be slightly different. I no doubt would have discovered my true self upon being chased by monsters, nearly dying in the process. Eventually, I would have ended up at Camp Half-blood, to be interrogated by Chiron and Mr. D. similar to Percy. I'd probably be in a state of shock and simply nod when they explained everything to be, while on the inside, I'd be in denial.

Realistically, I'd probably go through a series of stages after learning the truth, probably moping the entire time: denial (I'm pretty sure everyone goes through that), anger (because my entire life has been a lie and I can't ever go back to it and live normally), fear (because there are a lot of monsters out there, all more than happy to try to gun me down, and everyone at camp is completely out of my league), determination (to not die, to get better at protecting myself so that I will survive for years to come), and finally, acceptance of the truth and my identity. Long process, but yeah. Besides, who says I'll be in each stage for long? This could all happen within a time span of a few hours...or a few days.

But after a few days of accepting my real identity, I think everything would come naturally to me. Everyone probably has gone through the same thing, meaning it would be easy to find someone to talk to and get support from if needed. Plus I'm 100% my cabin mates would be super supportive, since we're family...that is, unless I'm put in the Hermes cabin for not being claimed.

Being claimed. Another thing that would bother me if I wasn't claimed for a while. I think I'd be a little irritated at my godly parent for not claiming me right off the bat, maybe even a little embarrassed, angry even. But I would keep faith. I'm not sure what I would do if I wasn't claimed at all, but after the Battle of Manhattan, it wouldn't be an issue anymore.

And after that, my life would be pretty normal. Or, as normal as a half-blood's life can be, anyways. Training, quests, going out for the school year, avoid getting attacked by monsters until the summer, back to training, and so forth. I think it would settle to be quite a familiar (though not exactly comfortable) routine after a while.

Also, be sure to check out Caroline's post! She did the opposite of me, and is a lot more entertaining to read about ;)

So, what about you guys? How would you guys react if you found out you were a half-blood? Let me know in the comments! Also, don't forget that Caroline and I are starting Sea of Monsters tomorrow, so come join us! :)


  1. Aww I like the way you did yours! It’s super realistic! :) I like your stages, that actually makes perfect sense!
    And of course we’d be supportive! ;)
    I took it very differently, I just posted it.

  2. Well I'm sure going through the denial phase, I mean are the Greek Gods still exist?? And then I might be scared and angry, I mean there are a lot of monsters hunting me, and I have a divine parents that couldn't do anything for me! In time, maybe I'll accept it and try to use my power as best as I could. But it's going to take a very long time, and when I meet my parents I might still scream at his/her face for abandoning me...

    Tasya @ The Literary Huntress

    1. Haha, I completely get what you mean! I think we're pretty similar in that sense, since I would definitely be angry for my godly parent for abandoning me...