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**Update: I am currently NOT accepting review requests, as I am a bit in and out of hiatus mode. In the meanwhile, please feel free to familiarize yourself with my review policies below:

For all book review inquires, please contact me at

I accept ePub, PDF, and physical copies. Once I have a copy of it, I will contact you again once I have your book both read and reviewed. All my reviews are posted on my blog and on Goodreads. My reviews are honest, but they are never cruel in the event I did not enjoy it. 

Please consider that I am mainly a YA reader. My preferred genres are fantasy, paranormal and science fiction, but I am open to reading other genres, so long as it's still YA.  

Thank you for considering me, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

NOTE: As I am a student, I am sometimes unable to accept review requests due to my academic schedule. I will try my very best to accept as many as I can, but with to the sheer number of requests I receive each week, it can become difficult to thoroughly read each novel and write a meaningful review within a reasonable period of time. Thank you for your understanding!

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