Saturday, April 30, 2016

Graceling Read Along: Character Profiles

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another fun instalment in honour of Caroline (from Just Another Bookish Blog) and my Graceling series read along!

Today, we'll be doing character profiles of the two main characters. I'll be doing Katsa, and Caroline will be doing Po :)

***Disclaimer: there will be spoilers for Graceling***

Name: Katsa
Age: Sixteen
Home/Kingdom: Middlums
Relation to throne: the niece of King Randa (his sister's daughter)
Grace background: Katsa's blue and green eyes marked her as a Graced. Her Grace revealed itself when a distant cousin tried to approached her, and, in self defence, Katsa smashed his head against the small, accidentally killing him. Since then, her uncle, the King, has been using Katsa's killing Grace to dole out punishments to whomever he sees fit. Katsa's Grace allows her to fight remarkably well, with enchanted stamina and agility. The first time she comes up against an enemy she couldn't immediately best was against Po. With his help, she's able to discover that her Grace isn't for killing--it's actually for surviving. Not only is Katsa skilled in self defence, but she has always been able to start a fire practically anywhere, always knew where north was, could will herself to sleep, and never got sick.
Personality: Katsa is fiery and determined, independent and brave. She both hates and fears the notion of losing her own identity through marriage, and does not desire children, though everyone seems to be telling her differently. Katsa longs for freedom, where she can do as she pleases, and ultimately doing good rather than acting on someone else's orders. She has a very strong sense of right and wrong, leading her to form a secret council that does good among the seven kingdoms.
Close friends: Katsa is close friends with Prince Raffin, King Randa's son, and having grown up together, they share a very close silbling-like bond. Katsa's companions during her missions for Randa are normally the spymaster Oll, as well as Lord Giddon, both who Katsa trusts. Katsa also later befriends Prince Po, who eventually become more than merely a close friend. She also friends Bitterblue, helping save her from her father, and teaching her how to fight with a knife. 

Don't forget to check out Caroline's blog to read Po's profile!

That's it for Graceling! We'll be starting Fire on Monday, and will have more great posts to accompany it!

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