Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Graceling Read Along: Grace List!

Hi everyone! Welcome to another fun post as part of Caroline and my Graceling series read along! 

Today's post will be a list of all the Graces encountered in the first book, Graceling. They've been broken down into a few sections, with the main characters' Graces, to Graces that are used for a king's guard, Graces that are used inside a king's court, and other Graces. This all just gives you an idea of how wide a range Graces can be, and their uses!

***Spoilers for Graceling in the list***

Let's get started! 

Main Graces 
-Survival: Katsa’s Grace, though initially was first thought to be a killing Grace, is a Grace that allows her to survive even in the most dire circumstances. She always knows which way is north, can start a fire out of practically nothing, force herself to sleep, never gets sick, and has exceptional stamina and fighting skills. Her Grace allows her to combat anything that may cause her harm, physically or environmentally.

-Senser: Po’s Grace lets him sense what others are thinking in relationship to himself. As a result, he can also “see” his surroundings by feeling them. His ability to read what others feel or think of him allows him to always be one step ahead and thus predict an opponemts' moves in battle, giving him his assumed false Grace of combat. 

-Siren voice: Leck’s Grace allows him make people believe or do anything he says just by listening to his words. His power extends so that even if you overhear someone else repeating his words, you can fall under his control.

Army/Guard Graces:
-Sword fighting
-Close combat


Court Graces:
-Horse Handler
-Numbers (mathematics)
-Prediction (for harvest)

-Mood determination

Our Graces:
-Moving unseen/unheard

What Grace would you guys like to have? Would you prefer to have a common Grace, or an unusual one? Leave them in the comments, and be on the lookout for our next fun post on Friday! :)

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