Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Graceling Read Along: Personal Profiles!

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great week, and that you're joining me and Caroline for our Graceling read along! We literally just started, so no worries if you're late! 

This is the first of numerous fun posts we have planned for the read along. In introduction to the Graceling series, we're beginning off by imagining ourselves as our own characters in the Graceling world, and have created personal profiles :)

Without ado, please meet my Graceling self!

Name: Erika
Age: 20
Kingdom: Lienid
Grace/Eye Colours: my Grace is the ability to move unseen and unheard in any environment, and my eyes are brown and gold!
Family Situation: My parents are earls, and though we visit the seven castles, we don't go frequently. Kind of keep to ourselves. 
Occupation: In Lienid, the Graced are allowed to lead their own lives, not subjected to serving the King. Though I'm technically supposed to be married off someday, I'm currently spending my days as a hunter, bringing in fresh game for various cooks who need it, anywhere from the palace cooks to cooks at inns. It's good money, and an excuse to travel around Lienid without too much of a fuss.
Relation to Characters: I met Po during one of my family's castle visit. Since then, his cook has frequently asked for me to hunt for him, so I'm usually in the area. I secretly tailed Po when he left to go find his grandfather. For the most part, I remained hidden, picking off anyone who tried to follow him. I had to head back once he reached Randa City in Middluns, because I couldn't follow him into the court, and he ended up staying there for a while. I've heard of Lady Katsa, and I really want to meet her one day!
Dream Goal: To make enough money to travel to the courts of each of the seven kingdoms, then write one big book about the similarities and differences.
Other: My closest friend is Caroline! We constantly write letters to one another to keep each other updated about our lives :)

And that's it! Feel free to make your own profiles and leave them in the comments. We'd love to see them!

Hope you enjoyed this, and don't forget to check out Caroline's blog to see her profile!

You can find the full schedule for the first book, Graceling, here.


  1. Your character is super similar to what I had in mind! o.o I’m going to write mine after my class, so it’ll be up in about 2 hours! ^-^ I’ll keep my idea though!

    1. Haha, as they say, great minds think alike! ;)