Friday, April 3, 2015

Insurgent Review: Tris


My last day of initiation.
It should have been a celebration.
It wasn't.

War happened.
Death happened.
Loss happened.

I am on the run.
Running from my faction.
A faction full of traitors.

My name is Tris.
Hi guys! Today, I'm Tris from Insurgent!

Book: Insurgent
Author Veronica Roth
Book Series: Divergent
Book Standing: Book 2
Setting: Chicago (dystopian)
POV: First person, told by Tris
Genre: YA dystopian

Reading: re-read
Favorite line: "You will never control me."
Categories: book-turn-movie!
Rating: 4 stars

I know what you're all thinking: I'm a little late on the whole Divergent bandwagon. That's not true. Note that I categorized this as a re-read. Why? Well, that should be obvious. The movie came out. Which is the perfect excuse to crack open this book for a re-read.

In the first book, Divergent, Tris evolved as a result of her struggle to find her identity: Dauntless, Abnegation, of Divergent. In Insurgent, her identity crisis is over. But now she has a new crisis to mull over, one that involves guilt and sacrifice. She's pushed to think about things she's never had to, like what it means to be a divergent running from someone who's desperate to hunt all the divergents down, all while trying to figure out to cope with the deaths of the people she loves. Not to mention how to avoid future deaths of people she loves. This book depicts Tris' emotional turmoil and the hardships she must endure while being in the middle of a war.

I liked how in this book, we got a bigger taste of the other factions. In the first book, we were only restricted to learning about the Abnegation and the Dauntless factions. But in Insurgent, we get to see and explore all the other factions: Candor, Erudite, Amity, even the factionless. We're finally coming full circle.

The serums. There's a serum per faction, which is super neat! Okay, maybe not Erudite, as they're the ones that sort of make the serums, but still. Pretty cool! We already know a little about the different serums, but in this book, we actually get to see how they play a role, and even experience what the characters go through under the influence of the serum. Simulation serum, truth serum, all that fun stuff...

I'm going to keep this post short, because there happens to be a movie I'm heading off to see. The title of that movie? INSURGENT.

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