Monday, March 2, 2015


Okay, this is steering a little out of the YA section and into NA, BUUUT.

The cover for the fifth book in the Wait for You series came out today! Crazy, because the fourth book, Fall With Me, isn't even out yet...

Anyways, here it is!
I'm actually not too sure how I feel about this cover, to be honest. But I trust the author more than the cover designer, so yeah. 

In comparison to the other covers:
1. I've noticed that there's been a slow change towards having a larger portion of the cover models' bodies on the front (god that sounds weird), rather than just a head. This one definitely has more clothes.
2. Likewise, I'm not too sure about the male model's shirt. It looks...I don't know, nerdy? I'm not saying that shirts with words make them nerdy or anything. But let's look at this from a different perspective: if there were words, they obviously couldn't be any logos or straight up brands. There's the whole copyright or whatever that comes with it. With that in mind, the fact that there are words on his shirt...well, I don't know. It feels kind of nerdy to me. It also sort of takes away from the cover, I feel. I think they should have stuck with a plain shirt.
3. I'm going to be blunt here, but I'm not a fan of the pink. The title encased in pink is fine, but the little bit on the female model's shoulder? I think it contrasts too much with the black-and-white they're going with.

Like I said beforehand, the next book in this series isn't even out yet. As such, there isn't an official blurb or anything on what this book is about, but apparently it's about Steph and Nick? Steph, who has made rather interesting appearances in the books prior. And Nick, whom I haven't the faintest idea who he is. But hey, maybe they play a bigger part in Fall With Me, which I would like to remind again, hasn't come out yet, so I haven't had much of an introduction to them. Calla didn't seem like much in Be With You, but then she turned out to be pretty awesome in Stay With Me. So who knows?

Though I'm not cover-crazy, I am content/story crazy. Jennifer L. Armentrout has been writing some seriously amazing books lately, meaning that I will be for sure reading this one too!

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