Saturday, June 11, 2016

Untamed Review

Book: Untamed
Author: A.G. Howard
Series: Splintered #3.5 (final)
Genre: YA fantasy
Publisher: Amulet Books
Pages: 288
Release: December 15th, 2015 

A post-Ensnared collection of three stories—available in both print and e-versions.

Alyssa Gardner went down the rabbit hole and took control of her destiny. She survived the battle for Wonderland and the battle for her heart. In this collection of three novellas, join Alyssa and her family as they look back at their memories of Wonderland. 

In Six Impossible Things, Alyssa recalls the most precious moments of her life after Ensnared, and the role magic plays in preserving the happiness of those she loves. Alyssa’s mother reminisces about her own time in Wonderland and rescuing the man who would become her husband in The Boy in the Web. And Morpheus delves into Jeb’s memories of the events of Splintered in The Moth in the Mirror, available in print for the first time.

This collection expands upon Ensnared's epilogue, and includes some deleted scenes to provide a “director’s cut” glimpse into the past and futures of our favorite Splintered characters.

This companion novel is a collection of 3 short stories: one about Alyssa's mom, Alison, one about Jeb, and one as an extended epilogue after Ensnared.

It was quite neat to see Alison's viewpoint on everything, and to read about her backstory and how Morpheus tried to lure her into Wonderland, as he did Alyssa. We also get to see a bit of Thomas's POV too, and see how he grew up knowing all about Wonderland. Both their experiences are vastly different than Alyssa's, and are far from normal. So in a way, it makes sense that each member of the Gardner family has a Wonderland-esque backstory. Similarly, it was funny at times to read about Morpheus trying to understand Jeb, and Jeb giving his all for Alyssa. However, though I did enjoy it, I found it a bit too rushed, probably because of the length. Then again, they were originally ebooks, so I can't overly complain.

Six Impossible Things was definitely the story I was looking forward to--it's the the extended epilogue, after all. I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting, seeing as it's an epilogue and not an actual book with a firm plot line to follow. There were three main memories of Alyssa with Jeb and Alyssa with Morpheus, which to me took up a little more than I would have liked. That being said, it was both cute and devastating to relive their treasured moments, knowing that for Jeb, it was all he had to hold onto, and for Morpheus, he went through those moments knowing Alyssa would leave him for a good 80 years. However, the most intriguing part of it had to be Muse--I wanted more of him, more to see just what would happen. He's the dream-child in the prophecy, and he'll have to restore Wonderland once Jeb's paintings begin to crumble. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a sequel series about Muse and the trials he goes through!

All in all, not bad. I think I set my expectations a little too high, which, upon reflection, is absurd for me because I knew there couldn't be much development for this companion novel. But it's great filler information for the series! I'm sad to see these characters go. I love them, and Wonderland, so much! A.G. Howard has truly set the bar high for any other Wonderland retellings or spin-offs!


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    1. You definitely need to! It's such a wonderful twist on Alice in Wonderland--nothing like I've ever thought it to be! Not quite a retelling, but not quite a spin-off. It's something unique!

  2. I bought this book the day it came out... but I saw so many lack luster reviews that it makes me nervous to read it. I was hoping for a good peek at things that aren't here... oh well. Great review!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

    1. Thanks! I think it's hard to expect such great things from it since it's a compilation of ebooks into a physical book. I couldn't quite wrap my head around the fact that the short stories weren't supposed to have that much depth, that there would be a lack of content as a result of its short length!

  3. I cannot wait to read this one!