Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Graceling Read Along: Character Profiles and Voting Contest!

Hi guys! Welcome to our last character profile post in Caroline (Just Another Bookish Blog) and my Graceling series read along! We've both had a really busy week, which is why these posts have been a bit delayed. But we're back on track now, and wrapping up our Bitterblue read along!

ALSO: remember that fan art/picture contest? Caroline and I were so blown away by great the entries were, and have decided to let YOU choose! The entires are HERE. Once you've taken a look, please vote on your favourite by using the poll at the top right of my blog! You have until Sunday! :D

Onto the character post! Today, I'll be doing the character profile of Teddy. Caroline will be doing Bitterblue herself, so don't forget to check hers out!

Name: Teddy
Age: roughly 19
Home/Kingdom: Monsea
Relation to throne: No direct line to the throne, but Teddy is a close friend to Queen Bitterblue. He is contracted by Bitterblue to print the journals destroyed by Leck
Background: Teddy lives with his sister, Tilda, and they run the printing shop. Their parents, who owned the printing shop before them, died in a fire that was suspected to have been set off by Leck as a result of being part of the initial resistance against him.
Personality: Teddy is very easygoing and charming, and is trying to write the first ever dictionary. He cares a lot about the people of Monsea, in particular the people who are illiterate, and worked to print reading lessons. Together with Saf, Teddy tries to discover and recover what Leck has stolen from people, giving them back to their rightful owners. 
Close friends: Saf (Teddy's partner-in-crime), Bitterblue, Tilda

That's it! And don't forget to check out Caroline's profile of Bitterblue, and to VOTE FOR THE CONTEST!!!


  1. The entries are all so pretty!! I haven't read any of these books, because I'm really lame :P but I did vote! Gotta love looking at beautiful books.

    Lipstick and Mocha