Thursday, September 3, 2015

Unmade Review: Kami

Book: Unmade
Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Series: The Lynburn Legacy
Standing: Book 3 (final)
POV: 3rd person from mainly Kami
Genre: YA paranormal

Source: Physical Copy
Pages: 364
Release: September 23rd, 2014
Publisher: Random House Books

Favourite line: He didn't change the world for her, but he offered her the opportunity to see the world differently and she chose to take it."

Rating: 4 stars

Blurb: (Goodreads)
Powerful love comes with a price. Who will be the sacrifice?

Kami has lost the boy she loves, is tied to a boy she does not, and faces an enemy more powerful than ever before. With Jared missing for months and presumed dead, Kami must rely on her new magical link with Ash for the strength to face the evil spreading through her town.

Rob Lynburn is now the master of Sorry-in-the-Vale, and he demands a death. Kami will use every tool at her disposal to stop him. Together with Rusty, Angela, and Holly, she uncovers a secret that might be the key to saving the town. But with knowledge comes responsibility—and a painful choice. A choice that will risk not only Kami’s life, but also the lives of those she loves most.

This final book in the Lynburn Legacy is a wild, entertaining ride from beginning to shocking end.


This book picks up a month after the final events of Untold. Jared is missing, presumed dead, and Kami and her friends need to figure out a way to stop Rob Lynburn, before he does something drastic...

The plot was well-paced, with a few unexpected turns throughout it. The characters were fun to read about, and there were times when I couldn't stop laughing at a silly comment. We get to see a lot of growth from Ash, which was what I was hoping for, and from Angela and Holly. Jon Glass, Kami's dad, also is in the book more, and I found his relationship with Lillian to be downright funny!

Kami remained to be a hilarious protagonist. I absolutely loved her humour, and how she was able to mask her feelings with a witty and positive comment. Rather than let her negative emotions show, Kami tries to lighten up the mood by putting on a cheerful face. One of my favourite comments from her: 

"Nah, Dad, I'm good. Please leave me in this hotel bedroom with my handsome boyfriend. And several of his relatives, and a very sharp weapon."

The only thing that frustrated me was her relationship with Jared. Miscommunications drove me a little crazy! This is why it's important to always talk to one another, and to have a Define The Relationship talk. As I am ever the hopeless romantic, I wanted to see a little more time spend between those two being an actual couple and bypassing all the angst. But oh well.

I found myself growing to like some characters a lot more than before. Ten was absolutely adorable, minus the fact that he's a little scarred for life. But I really liked his bravery, liked how though he wasn't actively involved, he was emotionally. Lillian, I came to like as well. Originally, I merely liked her since she was the lesser of two evils (more like tolerated her and her condescending ways), but I grew fond of her. She actually begins to show signs of true caring and love, as well as empathy for others. They are a few others I won't mention in fear of spoilers, but let's just say that I liked them a lot more once they decided to do the right thing.

I must say, Rob really took "insane" a little farther than I expected. He has an army of sorcerers, fine. But that doesn't mean you can go parading around, demanding death and delivering death and drugging people and setting things on fire. I This guy can hold a grudge for centuries to come, I swear. And he has slight revenge issues, and needs to see someone to figure out exactly what "love" entails. Because if I know one thing, it's that "love" isn't burning down the city...

OH MY GOSH. THE DEATHS. So many people died. Okay, not that many, but the people who died kind of mattered to me. It cut a hole in my heart. Between sacrifices and death by association, I didn't know what to do. There was so much grieving in this book. I just... MY FEELS.

As much as I loved the series and characters, the ending fell a little flat for me. It seemed to go by too quickly, and also seemed to be too easy. I had been preparing myself for something huge, like an epic showdown of Team Sane vs Team Insane. It kind of just...happened. The end. But oh well. I still loved the characters, still loved the overall series, still loved the writing. If you guys are looking for a bit of mystery and sorcery in your lives, pick this one up! :)


  1. I'm not into sorcery or anything but I've had the first book on my TBR for forever. Maybe I'll actually get around to it. It sounds like it's worth reading!

    1. Yes, it's a neat book! Definitely recommend it if you're looking for something different ;)