Monday, January 12, 2015

The Bane Chronicles Review: Magnus

I am the High Warlock of Brooklyn.
I have been around for quite some time.
And I have seen pretty much everything.

My adventures date way back.
Before technology.
Before the mundane wars.

I am Magnus Bane.
Hi guys! Today, I am the [fabulous] Magnus Bane!

Book: The Bane Chronicles
Authors: Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson
Series: It's a collection of short stories about Magnus Bane set in the Shadowhunter world
Setting: Peru, Paris, London, New York
POV: Magnus, third person
Genre: YA urban fantasy

Reading: first time
Notes: Magnus, Ragnor, and Catarina are hilarious together
Rating: 4 stars

I must say, I've been waiting for a while to read this. When the short stories first came out individually but for kindle only, a part of me died. So I waited, very patiently I might add, until all 10 stories came out, and then waited a bit more for it to be turned into one book. The can't say I don't suffer for my chosen sport (yes, reading is a sport! It's exercise for the mind and soul!).

Magnus Bane. May I say that he is one the most flamboyant characters I've had the pleasure of reading about. And he's hilarious about it too. I fully approve of his confidence in himself. I sort of wish I had that kind of confidence. I'm sure if I was a great and respected warlock, I'd be very confident in my abilities. Of course, I don't want to undergo some dark ritual to gain access to magic. Those things always have a tendency to go awry one way or another, usually resulting in some painful death.

When you're immortal, you really do have a lot of time to spend. I've always wondered what you would do if you actually had that much time to live out. Well, I've now gotten a taste of what one could do. Like Magnus, I probably would travel the world, picking and staying in the places I particularly like. I'd go to London, Paris, and New York, just like Magnus. But I'd probably throw in Sydney, Tokyo, Dublin, Venice, Singapore, Amsterdam, and so many more. Though I probably wouldn't be doing the same slightly outrageous things as Magnus...

What would you guys do if you had forever to live? Would you go visit other places, maybe live there for a few years?

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