Monday, January 5, 2015

The Selection Review: America

I was chosen.
Thrown into a competition of forced love.

Many girls dream of entering the Selection.
To be offered the chance to win the Prince's heart.
But not me.

I don't want the luxuries.
I don't want the crown.
I don't want Prince Maxon.

My name is America Singer.

Hi guys! Today, I'm America from The Selection!

Book: The Selection
Author: Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection
Book status: Book 1
Setting: IllĂ©a
POV: told by America, first person
Genre: YA romance
Categories: royalty, competition/contest, dystopian (not the doom-and-gloom type though)

Reading: re-read
Favorite line: "I want to wear pants for a week."
Categories: very light/girly dystopian, fashion, princess luxuries.
Rating: 4 stars

You know, when I first was debating whether or not to read The Selection, I kept thinking that the name America was weird. Turns out there's a good reason behind the name, and I'm glad I didn't forgo the series just because of the name. Beside, she has cool nicknames.

Take a girl who isn't exactly living as the wealthiest person in the country, make her sign up for a chance to be in a competition to become a princess, then actually pick her and throw her into a completely new world of luxury and royalty she doesn't want? You get America. She's smart in the sense that though she doesn't want to win and wants nothing more than to go home, she's sticking it up in order to help her family. The competitors are very nicely compensated for every week they stay without getting eliminated, and every bit helps America's family. She's reluctant to be there, but she's there anyways, and in exchange for the money, she gets to enjoy luxuries for a little bit.

What I really like about America is that she makes it very clear that she's there not for the prince or the crown. When asked, she simply says she's there for the food. Literally. Food for her family via money, and food for herself. It's a five star meal every day, so it's doubtlessly a little taste of heaven for America. Another thing I really like about her is that she doesn't abuse the opportunity. Yes, she takes advantage of it, but she doesn't abuse it. She appreciates her maids, she appreciates the luxuries she's being offered. Not once does she ever demand more. In fact, she actually demands less, insisting on simplicity of dresses and jewellery, even letting her maids go for the night rather than stay up with her. America doesn't need a life of elaboration; she's happy as she is, in all her simplicity. She is perfectly capable of getting herself ready for the night, not needing the assistance of maids. Compared to the other competitors, all who are more or less wealthier than her, she simply is a very grateful girl. She tries so that her maids have the minimal amount work they need to do for her.

Speaking of other competitors, there are a few (or just one in particular) who are downright nasty. They're wealthier than America, and a few use it to their advantage to try to put her down. But America is resilient, which is very inspiring. She doesn't let any rude or unnecessary comments get to her, nor does she take any forms of bullying or harassment. She doesn't retaliate, inducing that she knows how to be the bigger person. But she knows how to still make the best of having terrible people breathing down her neck all the time. It's something I think we all should learn from, to not let other people get us down!

Want to know what's it's like being pampered as a possible-to-be princess? Read The Selection to find out!

(p.s. it's a girlish book, so it's great for all you people who like contemporary, but want something a little more fairytale-like (aka princesses) to it!)

(p.p.s. I'd also like to publicly call out my friend Sally to read this book, because I'm 100% sure you'd love it!)


  1. I read this book back when it came out and I loved it! I really like America because she stands up for what she believes in. Have you read The Heir?

    1. Yes! I read the Heir! What did you think of it?

    2. I thought it was pretty good! I didn't like Eadlyn at first because I thought she was a spoilt, whiny girl but in the end, she was okay.

    3. Same! I didn't like how she was trying to manipulate the Selected at first, but then she got better. But the ending!!! Ahhhh, so scared for America...