Saturday, January 31, 2015

Book Nerd Loneliness

Let me introduce to you to a short list of the worst nightmares of a book nerd.

1. No one to talk to about books. This is every reader's worst nightmare. When you read an awesome awesome AWESOME book (see: Snow Like Ashes) and there is NO ONE to talk to about/obsess over it. It's hard. Painful. Lonely.

2. People don't know what's happening to you. All that internal screaming? The bottled up emotions that you're experiencing because of that plot twist or cliff hanger? No one understands the torment you're going through. And it gets better when these things start to have an effect on your life. "Why is Erika lying on the ground?" BECAUSE MY HEART WAS SLAUGHTERED BY CHARACTERS AND EVENTS AND I CANNOT MOVE ON IN LIFE.

3. People that don't understand books. Yes, I get overly emotional when I finish a good book. No, that does not make me crazy. "Oh, it's just a book," they say. "It's not real." 

4. "Lower literature"/Judging. This one bugs me the most. There are so many people against YA, and I've even heard of some articles about how people who reach 21 should be "ashamed of reading young adults books." That's ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with reading about first loves, about being bewildered and overwhelmed and feeling out of control. So it's unrealistic. So what? I don't know about the rest of the world, but I like being swept away into different realities, I like reading about the different ways people can grow up under fictional circumstances. I like using my imagination. I like the endless possibilities that are presented to me. And I like YA books. They say you're only young once, but in the case of YA, you can be forever young. So yes, I read YA. Is there a problem?

Basically, this is just me complaining about my lack of YA book friends. Which is crazy, because I know there are tons of people online, but nothing ever really compares to being able to physically sit down with some, face-to-face, and simply talk and gush and everything. I know, I know, you're saying I should join a book club. I should. But that consists of taking time out of my schedule when I could be reading...

What do you guys think? Am I being too immature here? Unrealistic? Whiney? Gone too far into "la-la" land? (that's a direct quote from someone I know who called me that) Let me know your thoughts, and if you have any other book nerd issues, I'd love to hear them! :)

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