Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cress Review

I am Lunar.
I am a Lunar shell, with no powers or glamor.

I have been trapped in a satellite.
I was put here to become the Lunar Queen's hacker.

I have been tracking the fugitive Cinder for my Queen.
But I have been withholding information about her whereabout to my Queen.

I will not help my Queen.
I want out of this satellite.

Cinder can help me.
I will get out.

Today, I am Crescent Moon.
I am Cress.

Isn't that a cool name? Cress, short for Crescent Moon. So cool. Anyways, today I happen to be Cress, from Cress (haha) by Marissa Meyer!

Book: Cress
Author: Marissa Meyer
Series: The Lunar Chronicles
Book Status: 3rd book
Setting: Earth, Moon, space (sort of)
POV: told mostly by Cress and Cinder, all in third person
Genre: YA sci-fi, fairy tale retelling (it's a lot better than the actual fairy tales)

Reading: First time
Favorite part: Cress and Thorn. Cinder and Kai.
Rating: 5 Stars

Okay, okay, so maybe I lied just a teeny tiny bit. I actually finished this a while ago, but I hadn't started this blog yet, so technically it's a re-read (sort of) but what the heck. Actually, there's a ton of books I'm probably going to blog about that I read all prior to the start of this blog.

So today I'm a hacker by the name of Cress, working reluctantly for an evil queen. I (as in me) am not very tech-savvy, so it's neat to suddenly know what the heck I'm doing and more through Cress. Programming security cameras to conveniently turn off? Or turning them on, to expose something? Yes please.

But living in a satellite for god-knows how long? That's kind of painful. I would get really lonely. Which is why the thought of a rescue is so very attractive. That, plus the fact that working for an evil queen isn't a great way to charm people. Charming bad guys, sure, I guess, but that's not exactly a high priority.

Anyways. Back to being a hacker-for-the-bad-guys-but-actually-on-the-good-guys-side. The only issue is that if I'm stuck in space in a satellite, there really is no chance of getting out myself. I'd be completely dependent on a rescue, which is exactly what happens (that's not a spoiler! It says so in the book description!).

A hacker, huh? I must say, it'd be very advantageous in this technology-oriented world we're in. What do you think?


  1. Love this review! Cress is a great representation of Rapunzel, and I love that they made her a hacker! Plus her relationship with Thorne is beyond cuteness :D

    1. Agreed! Cress as a hacker is definitely a new spin on it, one that makes the story very interesting! She and Thorne are beyond adorable together :)

  2. I love The Lunar Chronicles to pieces. I'm embarrassed to say that I was very hesitant to start the series, and now I'm so happy that I did.

    1. Don't worry, I was the same! I saw the books, but by the time I decided to read the series, Cress had already come out. But I'm glad that I picked them up!