Thursday, January 11, 2018

Happy 2018 + Updates!

Happy (belated) New Year, everyone!!!

Okay, okay, I know what you're all wondering: what hole did I just crawl out of / where the heck have I been / just how many more vanishing acts am I going to be pulling / why have most of my posts lately been mostly apologizing for my disappearances?

Long story short: I moved to a new city a few months ago for academic purposes. Finding my footing was slightly difficult due to an influx of other personal stressors and life changes in this big new city of people. I stopped reading, which meant I stopped blogging. I've only recently finally begun getting back towards who I used to be, who I want to be. And being a reader, being a blogger, is a part of me that I don't want to lose.

So, moral of the story: thank you all for your patience with me! I'm going to do my best to at maintain a constant presence here instead of just disappearing for bunches of time without explanation.

I hope you're all doing well! I have a post I'm going to do where I catch up with all the book news that I've missed and have only recently discovered, so feel free to check it out and fangirl (belatedly) with me!

Happy reading, everyone! And cheers to 2018! Let's have a great reading year together :)


  1. Happy new year Erika, and welcome back! Moving away is definitely a hard experience at first, so take as much time as you like to adjust to it :) I hope this year will be amazing for you! <3

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Tasya! It's great to be back :) I hope 2018 will be amazing for you too!