Saturday, May 14, 2016

Graceling Read Along: Character Profile

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the second character profile in Caroline (from Just Another Bookish Blog) and my Graceling series read along!

Today, I'll be doing Brigan, and Caroline will be doing Fire.

***Disclaimer: there will be spoilers for Fire***

Name: Prince Brigandell (Brigan)
Age: twenty-three
Home/Kingdom: Dells
Relation to throne: son of King Nax (deceased), brother to King Nash
Background: Brigan is the son of Brocker and Roen, but was raised as the son of Nax and Roen. As the queen's son, he is still second in line for the throne, regardless of his true father. As a young child, Brigan was known to play tricks on his older brother, Nash, until it got him. Fire's father, Cansrel, tried to have Brigan humiliated and killed by making him the commander of the Dell's army at nineteen, but Brigan proved himself worthy and rose up the ranks to become a very respected commander. He also has a daughter named Hanna, and tries his best to keep her away from harm and trouble.
Personality: Brigan is initially very cold towards Fire, but he warms up and becomes kind. He does not let family stop him from his duty to the kingdom, embarking on missions time and time again. But he loves people dearly, as indicated by his relationship with Hanna and Fire. He is a very respectable leader, with practically all of his soldiers willing to follow him to death.
Close friends: Brigan is close to his siblings, including Nash, Garan, and Clara. He is also close to Fire, though their relationship started off a bit rocky.

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That's it for Fire! We'll be starting Bitterblue on Monday, and since it's the final one, we'll be having a lot more posts!

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