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The Wild Adventure of Jasper Renn Review: Jasper

Book: The Wild Adventure of Jasper Renn
Author: Kady Cross
Series: Steampunk Chronicles
Standing: Book 3.5
Setting: London 1897
POV: 3rd person by Jasper and Cat
Genre: YA paranormal, steampunk

Source: enovella
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 51
Release: November 1st, 2013


In this companion novella to The Girl with the Iron Touch, American cowboy Jasper Renn finds himself in a situation his lightning-fast skills cannot rescue him from…

After surviving a triumph-turned-tragedy in New York City, Jasper is determined to secure a happier future with his gifted band of friends. So when the group's mechanical genius Emily is abducted, he'll plunge into England's darkest places to rescue her….

But his old flame Wildcat is turning London town upside down to find her missing sister, and Jasper finds the attraction between himself and the fierce beauty as tempting and dangerous as ever. Their trail leads deep into the city's most unusual circus. Soon, Jasper will find his loyalties—and future—tested more than he could ever imagine….

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Jasper Renn was always one of my favourites in the series, and I loved how he got his own feature novella!

This novella takes place in the midst of the beginning of The Girl with the Iron Touch, when Emily first goes missing. In that novel, Jasper himself gone at the beginning, and we get to see exactly what he was up to. Wildcat McGuire has journeyed from New York all the way to London in search of her sister, who has run away and is hiding somewhere in London. She enlists the help of Jasper, and given their romantic history, Jasper can't say no...

After the ending of The Girl in the Clockwork Collar, my heart was torn for Jasper. He went through quite a lot. This novella bridges the two books, and lets you see Jasper's recovery. I really enjoyed Jasper's uncertainty, as it was very human. But his uncertainty didn't affect his abilities at all, and he still remained his deadly self the entire time. There's quite a few steamy moments in this novella, which of course went straight to my heart. <3

In the series, I wasn't that big of a fan of Wildcat, but I really liked her in this novella. We get to see her backstory, and the lengths she's willing to go to save her sister. Cat, originally living a life of crime, is completely different in this book, trying to be a better person. She too is dealing with uncertainty, as she's trying to find a reason to stay in London with Jasper, but has to take her sister back to New York. Needless to say that she and Jasper help each other out in that category. I like her a lot more after reading this novella, and I can safely say that I'm satisfied with her being with Jasper, even if my heart continues to break.

This is a quick novella of both great action and romance. I'd strongly recommend it if you're a fan of Jasper Renn, and want to see his own happy ending to the story!

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