Saturday, November 7, 2015

Percy Jackson Reread: Final Discussion Saturday!

The final day of Caroline and my Percy Jackson reread has come. To finish off, we'll be talking about why, and how, Percy Jackson has impacted our lives on reading.

I went through phases of reading as a child. I'd pick up a book, become obsessed with it and read it, then completely forget about it. I was first introduced to Percy Jackson when I was 11. My teacher read it out loud to the class over a period of time, and I was hooked. I tried to find all the books I could, but at that time, not all the books had been released yet. But rather than move on and forget about Percy Jackson like I had to so many other series before, I remembered the series, and was dying to know what happened. 

This was also the first time I ever experienced the pains of waiting for a book, and the giddy excitement of walking into a bookstore and finally seeing it, and then finally being able to read what happens next. Turns out I really love the feeling of reading a much-anticiapted book, and it's not something you can easily forget. The Percy Jackson series was the first series that got me super excited about book releases, and clearly I still haven't gotten over them.

The big question: why did the Percy Jackson series impact me so much? I think the main reason was that at the time, Percy was my age, and he was a hero. I realized that you didn't have to wait until you turned 16 to be a hero, that you could be heroic. Add that he was smart, funny, and had a good heart, and he was the perfect role model to look up to. Percy begins the story off telling about how he never truly fit in, and we find out that he actually does fit in, just never in the way you expect. For me, that stuck home, because I felt like the odd one out more often than not, and having a story about how being odd was what made you a hero really resonated with me. Plus, I had no idea mythology was so cool, and the magic and swords made everything all the more better for me. Percy Jackson remains to be my number one children's series, because without it, I probably wouldn't have loved reading so much, and I would never had discovered my undying love for mythology and other fantasy stories!

Thank you guys so much for tagging along with our reread for the past 5 weeks! I hope you've enjoyed our Mythology Wednesdays, Review Fridays, and Discussion Saturdays. Hopefully, if you haven't read this series yet, our reread has convinced you to pick it up!


  1. This was so nice!! I’m really going to miss this it was so much fun!
    Nice backstory! I really enjoyed reading it!

  2. Such a great event that you guys had! I think that Percy Jackson & the Olympians is such an impactful series to me because it was essentially to me the way Harry Potter is to so many people. It was the first series that I voluntarily read on my own that got me into reading. Without PJ&O, I don't know if I would the reader I am today. Though I wasn't able to participate in the read a long, this made me want to give the books another go and finish Heroes of Olympus!

    Great job Erika!

    1. My thoughts exact! I have no idea who I would be had I not read Percy Jackson. Yes, you should definitely finish the Heroes of Olympus! ^.^