Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cover Reveal: SOLDIER

Who's ready to see the third cover of Julie Kagawa's Talon series? I know I am!


First off, it's chain-mail. If you guys don't know yet, the first too books were dragon scales, and seeing as Garret isn't a dragon, the chain mail is super appropriate! I was wondering how they would do this cover, and it seems I'm not to be disappointed!

Secondly, anyone else noticing the dragon inside the "O"? The last two books had different dragons in them (Talon had a side dragon, Rogue had three hydra-like heads, and now this one has an epic front-side one). My guess is that the Elder dragons are going to be making their move soon...

And last but not least, the blood. This isn't going to be a happy, combat-free book. Nope, there will be battles, and there will be blood shed. Epicness everywhere!

What do you guys think of the cover? Let me know!

A fighter dedicated to saving humankind from dragons in strictest secrecy.

That was what Garret Xavier Sebastian thought he was part of as a soldier of the Order of St. George. What he learned from a fiery dragon hatchling twisted all he believed in and set him on a collision course with certain death-but not without a chance to put things right.

Betrayed and on the run again, Ember and rogue dragon Riley discover an unthinkable truth about Talon and St. George. They'll need Garret's skills and insider knowledge of the Order to negotiate an impossible deal-and if they fail, there will be no way to stop all-out war.



  1. This cover is so pretty! I've seen so many great things about this series, and I really want to try it. I think it will be going on my Christmas wishlist! Thank-you for sharing this cover, Erika ♥

    ~Denise @ The Bibliolater

    1. My pleasure! Isn't that cover gorgeous? I can't wait to get it in my hands! ^.^

  2. I completely overlooked the dragon in the 'O' but now that I see it, I'm like whoa?!
    The face on dragon? how badass does it look. this is a fantastic cover!
    BUT that blood on the cover better be someone else's and not our Garrets <3

    1. It better not by Garret's! Please please let it not get Garret. I don't want him hurt in any way!