Monday, February 9, 2015

BOOK 4 of the White Rabbit Chronicles!

Have you heard THE NEWS? The NEWS!

There's going to be A FOURTH book to Gena Showalter's White Rabbit Chronicles! 

It means that there's going to be another lovely cover to match these beautiful three :) I cannot be any more excited!

Now, why else is this exciting other than the fact that there's another amazing book on zombie slayers coming out? Well, The Queen of Zombie Hearts was great and all, but I got to say, I was partially dying with all the loose ends. Well, one loose end in particular...and the next paragraph is a spoiler, so highlight it if you want to read it. Else skip down to read the res of this post.

The main loose end I couldn't deal with was Frosty. I mean, can't you just feel the anguish emitted from him? Kat's gone, and he wants his memory erased. That's extreme. He goes around asking everyone to erase his memory, and so far, everyone's turning him down. But he's clearly depressed, meaning he might be doing some relatively questionable things. I don't know about you, but the possibilities of what Frosty does were endless for me, from drinking his sorrows away to getting clumsy and being turned into a zombie, or just dying in other painful ways. Maybe he got over it, but he became a bad guy, maybe started sympathizing with Anima Industries. Maybe he never gets over it and he does something stupid, and Kat meets him at the other side and refuses to talk to him. Bottom line is that he needs support. It was great that us, the readers, could fantasize about the ways Ali and Cole and everyone helped him out, but at the same time, no one really knew whether or not Frosty was going to be okay in the end. And that itself is a cliffhanger. Cliffhanger + end of a series = DEATH OF THE READER. Anyone else with me, here?

I won't say more, except that I'm really glad that Gena Showalter is doing another book! It means more Ali and Cole, and overall more kick-butt weapons and zombie slaying!

Of course, it comes out at the end of September, which is an agonizingly long wait away...but at least it's coming!!! So if you haven't read this series yet, you should definitely pick it before the fourth book, A Mad Zombie Party (that title alone is AWESOME) comes out!

For the full announcement, go here:

Can't wait! :D


  1. The Rabbit Chronicles is one of my favorite series ever. :) i can't believe they're making a fourth book! i'm so excited! :) the loose end needs to be resolved immediately. Ali and Cole are my OTP along with another couple in the series. it goes with the loose end.

    1. Yes, I know!!! They are perfect for each other. That loose end had my heart going in circles, trying to figure out what became of said couple!!!