Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Blog!

Oh hiii :)

New blog! I'm so excited! This will be the place where I shall let loose all my bookish feelings, because I happen to be a huge nerd on all things YA. Where to begin, where to begin? There's so much I want to say!

The thing about books is that every time you pick one up, you're someone different. Suddenly you're not you anymore; you're an assassin hunting a pirate throughout the night, sometimes a princess of a faraway land, other times a wandering gypsy, or maybe even a to-be prom queen with a newly discovered cheating boyfriend. The possibilities are endless.

Me, I'm always someone different. It's so exciting, being someone else, and I can't wait to tell you who I become with every book I read!

Let's compare who we are each day, okay? :D