Friday, November 28, 2014

Kiss of Deception Review: Lia

I am a princess.

I am a First Daughter.
I am supposed to have a gift, as all First Daughters do, but I have none.

I am to be married off, to help settle an allegiance between my father's country and another.
I am but a solider in my father's army, a pawn. 

I am now a runaway.

Today, I am Princess Arabella Celestine Idris Jezelia. 
Aka Princess Lia. 
Or just Lia.

That's right! Today I'm Lia from Kiss of Deception, by Mary E. Pearson!

Book: Kiss of Deception
Author: Mary E. Pearson
Series: The Remnant Chronicles
Book Status: First book
Setting: Kingdom of Morrighan (I can't find the name of the world it's set in...can someone tell me?)
POV: told in 3 POVs, all first person
Genre: YA fantasy, bit of romance. I don't consider it heavy fantasy, as there aren't any dragons and such in it. But there's still some magic in it. Plus it's in another world.

Reading: First time
Favorite Line: "I answer to Lia."
Rating: 4 Stars
I'm not really a review person, because I have a tendency to be nice, so I'm not going to really talk about the book. Also because I don't want to spoil anything. I'm just going to talk about how I feel about being a runaway princess.

So yeah. I have officially graduated (what's the word for rising above royalty ranks?) from unroyal me to a runaway princess!

I don't know about you, but if my parents tried to set me up to some prince I'd never met before (also who refused to meet me when I asked to) just to help the country, I would totally run away. Yeah, I know, there's the whole "tradition" and "duty" thing (two words Lia really hates), but still. Got to go with your heart, and if your heart plain out says no, then don't. Be reckless. Be a rebel. And above all, be true to your heart.

I got to say, it's a nice change, being brash and bold. To actually have the courage to go against not only your parents' wishes, but also your entire kingdom? Takes guts. And getting the chance to start a new life, all over again? The possibilities are endless. 

Though as a runaway princess, I totally would feel invincible after a while. Probably not a good thing. Which is to say it's good thing I'm not actually Lia, huh? I'd be terrible at calling the shots. But, you know, if you happen to fall in love at the same time, I guess it's not too bad, right? Title does have the word "kiss" in it, so I don't think that's really much of a spoiler. 

I've never been a princess on the run before. It's kind of nice :)

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