Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Review: The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

Hi guys! So, I recently just binged The Selection series. Like, I read a book a day. So I figured I'd do mini-reviews of each since I didn't stop between books to write full reviews!

Ready? Here we go!

The Selection:

I'm just going to say that America came off as a bit enthusiastic. Or maybe energetic is a better word? But it did show her spirit and stubbornness of character, which was great. Besides, the plot and world was grand, swept up in a world of gowns and royalty. Who wouldn't want to be part of the Selection, if only for the food, dresses, and maid service, let alone prince?

The Elite:

All I want to say: MARLEE. And also, I found it both inspiring and hilarious how America just stopped caring about playing by the king's rules, and just went straight towards acting as if she were already queen. She showed that she really cared about Illéa, putting it and its people first before her own role in the competition. You go, girl! 

The One:

The conclusion! I will say, the ending did feel a bit abrupt. Two of the biggest issues between America and Maxon (the king and the Northern rebels) were taken care of just a bit too neatly for my liking. It was very fairytale-esque, which I guess is great for the feels, but not as realistic reading. But it still was enjoyable!

The Heir:

A new Selection, but with the roles reversed! Also, The Heir's cover happens to be my favourite of all the Selection books. Eadlyn was definitely a lot different than America. She was strong yet stubborn, to the point of slight absurdity, and had a bit of a power complex. It was interesting to see the flip side reaction of a group of boys competing for the princess' hand; it brought about a different slew of conflicts between contestants, as well as different methods and approaches to winning Eadlyn's heart. Very interesting!

The Crown:

With the ending events in the last book, Eadlyn had literally no choice but to grow up in this one. She took on a lot more responsibility than ever before, truly working to shape the nation into something she and everyone could be proud of. Her role in the Selection itself wavered a bit, but romance still found its way through the events. Her shift in personality definitely showed how much she grew, and though her final decision was a bit impulsive, everything was left on a hopeful note for her and the rest of Illéa.

And so, using the power that unfortunately wasn't invested in me by the Schreaves, I hereby rate this series 4/5 stars!


  1. Glad to see you liked this! I would give the series probably 3 stars, America and Eadlyn got on my nerves pretty easily. I did like the role reversal in The Heir, and it is my favorite cover as well! Have you/will you read The Siren? It's not in the same series, but the covers are really similar!

    1. I haven't read the Siren yet! I'm taking a small break from Cass since I binged her series all in one go haha

  2. Glad you enjoyed this! I really like the original trilogy, but I agree the ending was a bit abrupt. I didn't read the Heir (yes, that cover is definitely the prettiest) because people has been complaining of how bratty Eadlyn is!

    1. Yep, I completely understand why people say that! To be honest, I'd say reading the Heir isn't really necessary, so you're not missing too much!