Thursday, February 2, 2017

Update: I'm Alive + Vote!

Happy February! 

You're all thinking: "Is it just me, or did Erika disappear again? Didn't she say she'd be back in full action come January?"

Guilty as charged. *hangs head in shame* January was not my month. I have not picked up nor finished an actual book since 2017 began (though I did read Black Beauty for one of my classes, but that doesn't count because I had to stress over a very large presentation on it the following week, so I didn't enjoy it very much. Plus it's not really the kind of genre I like to read). I shamefully have 3 e-arcs I still haven't read through. I've had to renew the library books I've taken out, because the three weeks that I normally 100% could finish them in have whizzed by.

Ugh. As a normally, quite extensively heavy reader, I feel like I've been deprived water or something.

BUT, I have not forgotten about you guys. Quite the opposite. I miss you guys. I miss our talks. I miss fangirling. I miss BOOKS. Gods, I miss books. I miss peace and quiet and books and reading so I can gush over everything to you guys. But I am (more or less) back(ish)! Though it will be more of a gradual transition thing, as there are still a few loose ends I need to tie up. But I am coming back to my normal presence, with this haphazard post as proof!

So, to help bounce back into the blogging world, I have a proposition: I list a bunch of options for another Bookish Ponderings and Musing post, you guys vote, and I whip one up! Leave your choice in the comments below, and I'll post about it to compensate for the time it will take me to finish and review one of the e-arcs I failed to do in January.


1. Hardback books vs. paperback books

2. Physical books vs. e-readers

3. Book buying bans (aka self-restraint)

4. Buying books vs. borrowing from the library

5. Help: not enough bookshelf space!

6. Coping: BOOK FEELS.

Which one (or ones) do you think I my next discussion post should be about? Let me know!


  1. Welcome back blog friend! We missed you! <3
    I totally get you about the e-arcs! I have a ton, that's why my February challenge is to read as many of those as I can! I mean I did read two physical books I have to review but otherwise I'm going to try to go 100% e-arc :)
    And PLEASE do number 6! I want to feel the feels and talk about the feels and everything!

    1. 6 it shall be! Be on the lookout for it soon :D

  2. yay, welcome back! I really missed your presence on my timeline<3 I feel you about e-arcs, it's hard to read them when you're in a slump! I'd love to talk about number 6, bookish feels are difficult to handle!
    Also, I tagged you for book courtship tag for valentine, please check it out when you have the time :)

    1. Ah, thank you! I'll get to it as soon as possible :)

  3. I'm glad your back! I've missed your posts! As for the vote, either 2 or 6.

    Carrie @ The Butterfly Reader

    1. Thank you! I'll probably do 6, and make my way to 2 then :)

  4. Can I actually welcome you back to blogging? When I pulled the most terrible disappearing trick ever? Nevertheless WELCOME BACK and you are here to STAY. There I said it, now you must stay muhaha!
    I know I'm late to this post but can I get a post about BOOK FEELS? Seriously, I cannot cope with the feels of some books and series haha, and as a fellow fangirl I know you feel my pain!

    Cody @ Literary-ly Obsessed

    1. Haha, yes, I'm here to stay! You need to stay too. I absolutely missed our rants and ALL THE BOOK FEELS AHHHHHH

  5. OMG, Erika!
    I missed you *so much*!
    I'm now more convinced than ever there is a serious virus going on around the blog community. A lot of bloggers - myself included - have been unable to read / blog those last few months. And especially since 2017 started.
    I haven't been around in... what, 4 months? And I haven't read *anything* since the beginning of 2017.
    I want to cry about it. I miss reading and blogging and having fun with everyone. *sigh*.
    On better news, I've been somewhat back(ish) myself! Very slowly and gradually but at least that! (:
    I also have not forgotten about our story. I know, I'm a terrible co-writer... not being around and all - really sorry about it. Once we get back to blogging and reading full time we can talk about our story again. It'll wait for us until we're ready (:

    By the way, I totally vote for "coping: BOOK FEELS" - this is a much needed post! ^^

    1. Zoey! I missed you just as much too <3
      I know, it's like some kind of blogging infection has spread! I'm so out of date with everything going on in the book world. Sigh. But at least we're all coming back! Slowly but surely, we shall return in our full glory, hooray!