Friday, October 28, 2016

Autumn Bookhaul!

From my October TBR post, I explained why I love October so much. Autumn in general is my favourite time of the year, for various reasons (SO MANY NEW RELEASES, leaves change colour, I can break out some stylish jackets and hats, etc.). One of them also happens to be my birthday, which (unsurprisingly) I always use as an excuse to buy myself some more books!

I will admit I got a bit carried away taking pictures of my new books. But I couldn't help it, and decided to do another one of my book haul guessing sessions. Can any of you guess what I got strictly off what the pages look like? Go on, give it your best shot!

Okay, the last three are a bit hard. I've taken the dust covers off the hardcover ones so they're not dead giveaways (I don't think we appreciated the sights of books without their covers nearly enough), so maybe you'll have a better guess now!

Easier still: the three most difficult ones now have their spines revealed!

Okay, I'm done fooling around. Here are the jacket-less spines of my newest books!

A more normal picture (I probably should have just used this one picture instead of messing with everyone--sorry >.<"):

Five books in total! Not too bad, if you ask me. Now, here's a bit more about my new preciouses:

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo: GUYS, this book is GORGEOUS. The red-stained paper ends? Contrasted with the black paper ends? Absolutely stunning! I loved Six of Crows and cannot wait to get started on this book!

The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows: At last, I have this book! I've been pining over this ever since it came out in March (March! Unbelievable! I can't believe I waited so long to get it...) And just look at that cover! I'd say it's one of my favourite covers of 2016, for sure!

Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman: I read Illuminae a while ago, and I. Loved. It. I mean, can we just talk about how amazing and untraditional the story is told through? I seriously felt like a super spy reading it, putting the various documents together to understand the whole story. And now Gemina is out, so you can all except to see that book appearing on my next book haul (whenever I acquire enough books to do another book haul post, that is...)

The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan: I mean, it's Rick Riordan. I cannot not read anything by him. I also heard from my fantastic blogging friend Zoey from Magiverse that this book is way better than the first one, so I'm excited to read it!

Rimrider by L.A. Kelley: I was so happy to receive this physical copy in the mail from the author! I'm taking part of the blog tour later in November, so be on the lookout for it :)

And that's it for this book haul! I apologize for being absent lately (more on that on my November TBR next week). What about you guys? What books have you gotten lately? Have you read any of these, and if so what do you think of them? Do you think the book haul guessing sessions I do are too obnoxious? Let me know!

(P.S. This isn't book related, but my video game nerd is emerging, and I have to ask you guys: did anyone see the two new AMAZING trailers for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Final Fantasy XV released yesterday at the SquareEnix conference in Paris? The. Graphics. Are. GORGEOUS. I'm half tempted to write a blog post on them just because I'm dying from excitement! I mean, two trailers in one day is WAY more than my tiny heart can handle, so needless to say I'm drowning in feels)


  1. Crooked Kingdom is such a beautiful book! I need this book in my life ASAP!

    Carrie @ The Butterfly Reader

    1. It's absolutely beautiful. The pages are stained red, and it contrasts so very nicely with the black endpapers! It's just a masterpiece :)

  2. AAAH I still haven't got Crooked Kingdom yet! It looks so beautiful! I can't wait :) Oh you got Illuminae! It's so cool right? I love that book :)

    1. Trust me, it's absolutely stunning in person! Yes, Illuminae is so neat! I love it so much ^.^

  3. From the first picture, when I looked at the red stained pages I KNEW it was crooked kingdom xD I also got it recently and can't wait to read it too! Fingers crossed it won't destroy us haha!

    1. I know, right? This is the one book you can tell what it is just by the pages. Unique like no other book I've ever see!
      I really hope it doesn't shatter my heart...please, please let everyone make it out alive and happy...