Monday, September 19, 2016

Greek Mythology Tag!

Thanks to Tasya from The Literary Huntress for tagging me! Ever since I read Percy Jackson and the Olympians, I've become a huge Greek mythology fan! 

Let's get started :)

1. Zeus (Jupiter): God of Sky and Thunder / King of the Gods
Favourite book (choose your own category)

Starting off with the hardest question already? This is literary impossible for me. My category obviously is fantasy, but within fantasy alone, I have like a million favourite books. I can't just pick one and disregard the rest! It's like I'm offending them all!

2. Hera (Juno): Goddess of Family and Marriage
Cutest Book Couple

Another hard question. Right now, my mind if going straight to Iolanthe and Titus from Sherry Thomas's The Elemental Trilogy, since that's what I last read. They both put each other first. I mean, a barrage of spells come flying at them? Iolanthe's first instinct is to put up a shield to protect Titus, and Titus's first instinct is to do the same for Iolanthe. And then they bicker about how the other should be putting up shields for themselves first. It's too cute!

3. Poseidon (Neptune): God of the Seas and Earthquakes
Book that Drowned You in Feels

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I read that recently, and I just sat and stared at the wall for a good half an hour afterwards. The movie is coming out too, and I want to see it, but at the same time I don't because I know I'm going to break down halfway through the movie and sob since I know what's going to happen. I'm not one to easily cry, so that's saying a lot. 

4. Athena (Minerva): Goddess of Wisdom, Handicraft and Strategic Warfare
Series with the Best World-Building

This is a tricky one. Hmm, probably A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. I found that world so very easy to sink into, and to wrap my head around!

5. Hades (Pluto): God of the Underworld
Book with a Dark/Ominous Plot

Ashes by Isla J. Beck. It is the creepiest book I have ever read. It's a book about a large EMP going off and starting an apocalypse, but what becomes of what remains of people after that is downright terrifying. It's the stuff of nightmares...

6. Aphrodite (Venus): Goddess of Love and Beauty
Most Beautiful Cover on a 2016 Release

In my own personal opinion, The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows takes the prize. I mean just look at it:

The purple! The orange! The glittering diamond-white! The swooping K! The castle! The bridge! The clothes! EVERYTHING!!!

7. Ares (Mars): God of War
Most Violent Book You've Ever Read

Hmm. I love my fantasy and action, but very rarely I get pages and pages of gory description (YA is relatively clean in that sense, thank you). But in terms of gore...I'm going to go with Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter. Zombies generally equals gore, but I found this book a bit more gory than usual just because of the weapons some of them used. Like axes. Axes and zombies is not a pleasant image. I mean, what's wrong with swords and daggers? They have them. Why not use them as your primary weapons? Swords are clean, swift and effective. Axes are...well, effective, but also quite the butchering weapon...

8. Hephaestus (Vulcan): God of Blacksmiths and Fire
Scorching Hot Swoon-Worthy Character

I am hopelessly in love with a character from Eve Silver's The Game series called Jackson Tate. And, bonus, since it's not that well known of a series (actually, it's not that big of a bonus...I wish it was more well-known so I'd have more people to talk about it to), I have little competition which means I can have Jackson all to myself muahahaha.

9. Artemis (Diana): Goddess of the Hunt and Maidenhood
Favourite Kick-Ass Heroine

I'm trying very hard not to repeat characters or books, so I'm going to go with Rachel from C.J. Redwine's Defiance series. Guys, please check this series out. I cannot praise Redwine enough for her writing. Rachel from the start was badass, wielding a sword like it was no one's business, regardless of what others told her.

10. Apollo: God of Light and Healing
Sequel Book that Redeems its Series

Bluntly honest, if the first book didn't amaze me, I generally don't read the second one.

11. Hermes (Mercury): God of Thieves and Commerce
Book with the Best Message

I'm thinking of a video game right now, since a trailer was just released at TGA (anyone a Kingdom Hearts fan? Can we please talk about AQUA and how my heart was ripped out of my chest?). But in terms of books I'd pick A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. I mean, this is definitely a major step in the YA world, where the dreamy overprotective guy isn't the good guy. It really provided a reality check: overprotective guys are not healthy relationships. At all. Especially if they're so controlling, they lock you up. TEAM RHYSAND FOR LIFE. Plus we get a great message about PTSD healing, and how it's okay to be broken, and to be strong and believe that you will find your way, eventually. 

12. Hestia (Vesta): Goddess of Hearth and Home
Book with the Most Relatable Story

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. No, I'm not telling you that I've ventured into the Nevernever (that would be cool). I'm saying that I really relate to Meghan Chase's story and character. We just click, you know?

13. Demeter (Ceres): Goddess of Fertility and Agriculture
Favourite Bookish Setting

Who doesn't love the world of Harry Potter?

14. Dionysus (Bacchus): God of Wine and Celebration
2016 Release You're Most Anticipating

We're well into 2016, so my list of anticipated books are slowly dwindling. But I'm still waiting eagerly for Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff!

Alright, that's it from me! I'd like to tag:

Zoey from Magiverse
Caroline from Just Another Bookish Blog

Have fun, guys :)


  1. This looks like so much fun! I might have to do it anyway even though I wasn't tagged. Good answers too. :)

  2. Yay so glad to see you doing it Erika! That Mirror King cover is GORGEOUS!<3 And I agree, the world of HP is one of my faves too. Great answers Erika!

  3. The romance in The Elemental Trilogy sounds amazing! The past couple books I've read have had lackluster romances for me. I actually had a hard time wrapping my head around the world in A Darker Shade of Magic. Once I got it though, it was easy! I completely agree with you about The Mirror King! I just stared at it in awe when I saw it at my Barnes & Noble! XD Rachel is one of my favorite YA heroines! She is such a bad ass!

    Great answers, Erika!

  4. Jacskson Tate is sooooo swoon worthy. God, just thinking about him gets me all swoony :*)
    The Game trilogy should be more known - people are missing out on pure awesomness, a great protagonist and a swoon worthy character here.

    LOL, I had my hopes up for a minute there when you said you relate to Iron Fey. Ah yes, I would love venture into Nevernever (and not die in the process).

    Stay strong, Erika. Gemina is not so long a wait from now.
    I'm so excited for you to read it! I want to talk all about it with you :D

    Thank you so much for tagging me! I'm definitely doing this tag (:

    1. SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS JACKSON TATE <333 Thank every Greek god and goddess for you, Zoey! We need have a discussion about Rush and Push and Crash and Jackson Tate and Miki Jones sometime soon, because I just can't get over that amazing series.
      Hahaha, I wish I was strong enough to make it through the Nevernever! One day...
      Arrggghhhh, I'm going crazy without Gemina here! T_T